:) Kaufman. MVP.

Smylie “:)” Kaufman | Tanning lotion. Palm Frond. Traffic cone. Stick. Golf Club. 🙂‘s ability to on-course commentate with natural and inanimate objects is a talent that will not be overlooked during the Spieth-proclaimed “Sixth Major” at Baker’s Bay #SB2K16

Some people say 🙂 had his breakout on Tour when he won the Shriners earlier in the year. Some say it was playing in the final group on Sunday at The Masters. Others identify this weekend as his biggest breakout yet. Over 1000 mi from this week’s Tour stop in San Antonio, there could only be one MVP out of the four-man field. Here are some highlights of the weekend action and evidence of how 🙂 separated himself from the field and brought us all the action. #SB2K16

*Shoutout to Rickie and Justin for broadcasting this week’s action on SnapChat.

**Also shoutout to the squad for inviting Rory to join them (text included in gallery below). “Friendships” at the pinnacle of the sport can seem a bit put-on for the cameras. It’s hard to tell if players are practice-round friends, or actual pals that will cut it up on off-weeks. It’s refreshing to see that this group of guys are legitimate friends that can just let go and party together.



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