The New Bryan Bros. Golf

(@HashtagChad | Chad Coleman)

Wesley Bryan | The Bryan Bros. have added a new trick. Yow that’s corny.. anyway –  This dude pictured above (right…the guy with the trophy…) won this week’s El Bosque Mexico Champ. on the Tour. This dude is Wesley Bryan…better known as half of the Bryan Bros. Golf team. The best golf-trick-shot-team of all time. Almost 120K followers on Instagram. Over 2M views on YouTube. These guys are legitimate social media stars. Now, Wesley is a legitimate double-threat (not to mention bro George Bryan IV is a legit tour player too). Oh, and did I mention this is Wes’ second victory in the last three weeks? With the win this week, he has already guaranteed his spot in the Top 25 at the end of the year, clinching a PGA Tour card for the 2016-2017 season. If he wins for a third time this season, he will earn an immediate promotion onto the PGA Tour. That’s a good spot to be in.  

Wes had bro George on the bag for his first win in Louisiana. The dude on the left in the title pic above is Callaway Social Media Manager turned this-week’s-caddie @HashtagChad (Chad Coleman). Funny huh? It all started as a dare. Wes tweeted at Chad saying if he gets 100 RTs, Chad has to make the trip to MEX to caddie for him. It happened, and it worked.

FEEL GOOD ENDING: Upon meeting back up with his bro stateside, they took part in a weeks-old celebratory tradition…

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.45.11 PM

#LiveMas (not sponsored post but contact if interested).

****How’s George’s hair flow tho?


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