Hook ‘Em

Spieth shot 2-under today in the first round of The Memorial. Decent round but when will he come back from that shot at the Mas – oh wait…THAT STORY LINE IS DEAD. Spieth killed it last weekend with three straight birdies to finish off the Dean and Deluca for his first pro win in Texas. McIlroy had won on his home turf in the early hours of the morning and Jordo answered back that afternoon. HE’S BACK, HE’S BACK! Everyone is back. Spieth, McIlroy, and Day have all won their last starts coming into this week. That’s insane. But Spieth’s putting is the real thing that’s back. He had TEN putts this morning on the front nine. The only putting performance that has bettered that recently was his back nine last Sunday with NINE. 19 putts in his last 18 holes at the turn today. Get Scotty a steak dinner tonight.

Speaking of putting…Rory made the switch back to a conventional grip today after winning the IRISH OPEN last week with left hand low: Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.20.27 AM

That ball was not going in the hole if you were wondering. He did have positive strokes gained putting though…which…I have no idea what that means. It seems Rory is still searching for the secret to the moss or else why would he switch after winning his national open? His ball striking was so unreal last week so maybe his putting was still lacking a bit. The flatstick is a work in progress for Rors and will be continued…

Jason Day’s Australian spider themed putter is red because he keeps it in the oven. The guy makes everything ten feet and in. Yea sure he three-putted twice today, but he’s 6-under. You need to make putts at Muirfield Village to be 6-under par. I saw enough made putts from him today to know that it’s rolling. And with his ball-striking capabilities – that of a god – DJ better have eyes on the back of his head.


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    Strokes gained putting compares your putting performance for any given (round, tournament, or season) to the “average PGA TOUR player”. Therefore if you gain 1 stroke putting and shoot a 69, that mean an average player would have shot 70 if he hit the ball tee to green the exact same way you did. Key cut off distance in strokes gained putting are 8 feet and 33 feet. The average tour player averages 1.5 putts from 8 feet, so if you miss you lose half a stroke if you make you gain half a stroke. The tour average from 33 feet is 2.00 so if you 2 putt from 40 feet you gain strokes on the field.


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