I’m Gettin’ That FASHO-N

This is all about the FEET GAME.

I digress.

I love golf. Anything to do with it. I play it. Watch it. Read it. Study it. Learn it. Preach it. Believe it. Whatever. I even love the things around it. Opening a new sleeve of balls. Cleaning my grooves with a tee. Buying a new glove. My grandfather always used to say, “There’s nothing like the feeling of brand new cabretta leather between your fingers.” Okay…he never said that to me. But I imagine it to be true.

I’m a golf-sicko as Chucky 3 Sticks puts it (listen to NLU podcast w/ Mr. Howell). And I’m proud of it. I’ve bought and played just about every brand of golf product on the market. So, I figured I’d highlight some of my favorite golfing items in future posts. Starting with this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.22.33 PM

STANCE socks. Simply the best. How do you become the best? Well, you become the “official on-court sock of the NBA.” And then make a golf line called FUSION GOLF. They are comfy, they wick, and they are just down right cool. So. Many. Patterns.

Disclaimer: The Hawaiian ones are from a new line called “Aloha.” And because the design is cherry and I’m from Honolulu, they go in.

Note* I just learned that “condor” is a term for 4-under par on one hole. Which…is no wonder why I didn’t know that. It’s damn near impossible.

George Bryan IV, bro and part-time caddy of Web winner Wes Bryan, is top of the on-tour sock game. Follow him on Snap and you can get a daily vibe of his “SOTD.” He also appreciates all-around foot swag.


Now…the shoe game:

Tour 360 Boost from Adidas. Most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Not just golf shoe…SHOE. Adidas BOOST style is off the charts. The spikeless option, AdiPower Sport Boost 2, is also a solid addition to your golfing lifestyle for on and off the course shenans.


End note* I hope you enjoyed the homage to Superbad in the title.

(Photos courtesy of: STANCE and ADIDAS AND BryanBros)



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