R.I.P. Nike Golf

Today, August 3rd, 2016, Nike ejected from the golf business.

Well, not entirely. Supposedly they will be focusing more on golf shoes and apparel. It makes sense when you think about it right? I mean, in what sport does Nike equipment (not apparel) dominate in? Baseball? Football? Hockey? Tennis? None.

Today, we learned why Golf was their biggest equipment market. For one reason and one reason only. A man….named Tiger Woods. He was their biggest athlete of his era, from circa 1997-2013. They even held on after his fall from grace in the late 2000’s. But it’s been one full year since TW has appeared on the PGA Tour, and it’s apparent that the lifespan of Nike equipment in golf has died along with the Tiger Era in golf. Not even Rory McIlroy could keep it alive. That speaks to the impact that TW had on the game itself. The only man that could single handedly sell a product.


(photo: nike.com)



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