Pic via @GolfChannel Twitter

Tiger Woods will reportedly withdraw from the Safeway Open this week. He committed to play Friday, just three days ago, only to withdraw on Monday. Golf Channel writers like Tim Rosaforte have broken the news on Twitter, citing Notah Begay saying he spoke with Tiger and his WD is “performance-related” and not injury-related.


Is it lack of time he has had to prepare? Is it purely pressure? Has an injury crept back? Nobody knows, and we probably never will. Tiger has had an incredibly busy schedule lately with his role as VC with the Ryder Cup team and at this moment, is hosting an NCGA event:


Admittedly, for the last couple weeks, Tiger has had no time to get a TW patented grind-sesh in. There’s enough pressure on him (the world) to begin with, and not having an ideal practice regiment leading up to his come-back is just a no-go I guess. Why even commit on Friday then? Not sure. Maybe that has some behind-the-scenes effects for the tournament itself.

The good news is that Tiger didn’t WD during tournament, which would have not looked good AND it has given another tour pro a shot at playing this week:


Also, rumor was TW and Mickelson were to be paired together, and Phil would’ve waxed him.



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